Autostream S1/S2 3 blade


  • New blade design is up to 20% more efficient than previous models
  • Use of Duplex 2507 for the blades allows a very thin cross section, while retaining great strength
  • Body components cast in 316L
  • “O” ring seals on the blades and main gear hub to prevent loss of grease
  • Simple screw and locknut pitch adjustment can be adjusted easily, even while in the water
  • Independent ahead and astern pitch adjustment, allows optimum ahead pitch and fine reverse pitch for maximum thrust and minimum “prop walk”
  • Dual blade bearings support the blade either side of the gear for increased rigidity
  • Oversize dowels locate blade assembly and transmit driving torque
  • 6 x 8mm cap head screws lockwired in place for security provide a very robust construction
  • Sacrificial zinc anode tail cone with stainless steel core. A single Nylok nut makes in water replacement easy
  • Dual permanently fitted grease nipple/”zerk” lubrication points, enables easy in water lubrication of all bearing areas (required annually)
  • No expensive specialist greases required
  • User replaceable Delrin and nickel aluminium bronze bearings throughout
  • Five-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects
  • Range covers 15” to 20” for engines up to 80hp/60Kw
  • Unique fail-safe cushion hub. User replaceable if the need arises in years to come
  • Unique shaft nut and locking screw arrangement prevents the possible loss of propeller
  • Standard SAE 16/32 spline suits Bukh, Volvo, Yanmar and others.


Each propeller supplied with:

  • Comprehensive Owners Manual
  • 2 hex keys for pitch and body screws
  • Spanner/wrench for pitch screw lock nuts
  • Cartridge of grease
  • Spare zinc anode
  • Spare set of “O” rings
  • Stainless steel locking wire
  • Stainless steel shaft nut and locking screw
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Feathering Propeller Features :

  • Strong reverse thrust better than a folding or fixed blade propeller
  • All major parts cast in 316 and 2507 stainless steel
  • Easy to replace bronze and acetal bushes
  • S2 model has a rubber insert to absorb shocks and can be replaced
  • Simple external pitch adjustment
  • Sizes from 15 to 20 inches diameter
  • Rated for up to 75 horse power
  • S1 model fits taper shafts up to 1-3/8 inches diameter
  • S2 model fits 17 Spline Sail drive shafts like
  • Volvo 130/150 and Yanmar SD20 SD31 SD50 SD60
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